Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Swap~ Not JUST A Housewife

When Stacy @ Not JUST A Housewife contacted me about doing a blog swap with her, I was MORE than happy to say yes. If you haven't been over to her blog, you really should. There are lots of fun ideas over there! You should pop on over and see my guest post over on her blog today as well!!

Enough from me.. .let's see what Stacy has to share with us about her blog :)

Hi! I am Stacy and I recently started a blog called Not JUST A Housewife. I am a stay at
home mom to four little boys. Being a mom is the best and the hardest job in the world.

It can be hard balancing being a caretaker and still trying to explore your own interests and
talents. But you need to do it so you don't go insane :) I started this blog to share my ideas and
to hopefully get some from you!

Here are examples of things you can find over at my blog. DIY projects and decorating
ideas like this CLOCK


Also check out how to make this TOPIARY.

I like to cook and bake. I am obsessed with the TV show Cupcake Wars so I have been making
up recipes. You can get my recipes for these cupcakes (and some more are coming soon!) HERE.

I am always trying to come up with activities for my boys to keep them happy. I have posted some ideas and I have many more I will be posting soon. Come over and leave a comment telling me about the fun things you do at your house!

See the many things you can do with a jar of buttons HERE.

And see how we painted these giant cookies HERE.

I LOVE to garden. The miracle of a tiny seed becoming a plant that produces food will never
get old to me.

Thank you for letting me share a little about my new BLOG today! Go and check it out and
share your ideas too.

THANKS Stacy, for posting on Paisley Passions today. It is always great fun to see all the other creativeness that is out there in blogland! :)


Nan said...

Thanks for join my blog hop.I'm already your follower.

Melly said...

Hi there from BH...
stop on by & check us out *we're new*

A breast-feeding, baby-wearing, home-birthing, (don't call me a vegan) vegan, etsy-selling, dish-throwing, husband-training, thrill-seeking, homemade-cooking, life-living, craft-doing, god-willing, always-blogging, deal-grabbing, thrift-shopping, fake nail- wearing, root-covering, coach-having Mommy Queen.

Cadence said...

I'm a new follower. :) cadence101.blogspot.com

Rheanna said...

cute costumes!!

I'm a new follower to your blog, facebook and twitter!
come find me on

Tina said...

what a great blog. I found you via follow me back tuesday and became a follower tonight. I will go and visit you rguest blogger next..be back soon.

mommy scraps alot

p.s. we have similar interests...fun