Sunday, January 18, 2015

Young Living Oils- My Story

Let me start by saying, I was the BIGGEST skeptic out there when it came to oils.  FOR REAL. When people would tell me they used essential oils for this, that, and the other I would secretly laugh inside and roll my eyes (to myself of course!).  Snake oils, I would think.  No way, no how do these work.

These oils are only for hippies or crazies, right???  I mean, come on, get real.

Fast forward a year or two. . .

My daughter was serving a mission for our church in the Amazon Jungle in Peru.  It turned out to be a trying and difficult time for her.  If you are interested in reading her story of her journey, you can find it HERE.  It's pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! Anyway, back to my oil story. . .my daughter got sick.  Really sick.  She suffered from typhoid fever, anxiety, depression, infection (from falling into a sewer and cutting her leg. . .F.Y.I. open wounds and raw sewage do not go well together!), parasites, scalp fungus, hair loss, fleas.  You name it, she had it.

Knowing that she didn't want to come home until her 18 months of service were complete, we went to our doctor here at home and asked what we could do.  He said it was not possible for him to prescribe medication and have it sent out of the country.  He suggested some different vitamins and things that we could send, but prescribed medications were not possible.

My daughter went to see what we lovingly refer to as "Jungle Doctors".  Scary, right?  Yes. More than you know!   Especially when we found out that she was prescribed medications that she should have never been given and that caused her to have hallucinations.  We later found out some of the medicine she was given was not even legal here in the United States.  YIKES!

Scared, frustrated, and beyond worried, (and secretly wishing she would just come home!) I began searching for things that I could legally send her that could help her get healthy again.  I searched the vitamins and the various homeopathic things that our doctor suggested.  I researched, read, and researched some more.

I remembered a student that I had that was using essential oils for ADHD. Yes, one that I had at some point in time secretly rolled my eyes and laughed when the parent told me about it.  I thought, well, researching snakes oils certainly cannot hurt.  So there began my research on essential oils.

I read all about the different brands.  The stories.  The testimonials.  I compared costs.  I compared brands.  I thought about all the times I have driven by the Young Living Farm in Utah and seen the beautiful lavender fields.  So, I looked into them a little bit more.

I found that Young Living gives a Seed to Seal promise.  What does that mean?  It means they grow their own plants on their own farms and they know exactly what they are putting in those oil bottles they sell.  They are responsible from seed to seal for every oil they produce.  If you want to learn more about the Young Living Seed to Seal promise, you can read about it HERE.

That was that.  I ordered two Young Living starter kits.  One for me (because I wasn't going to give them to my child without trying them myself) and one for my daughter.  At the time I was still a little skeptical about the oils, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

I started using the oils as soon as they came, and my daughter began using them on her mission.  She would write home and tell me how much they were helping and how much she loved them.

Flash forward 11 months, because that is how long I have been using them, and I am here to tell you I LOVE MY OILS!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

Want to experience them for yourself???  CLICK HERE and sign up.  You will be glad you did! Members get 24% off of the retail prices.  SOOOOOOOOO worth it!


Linda Hoye said...

I'm just starting to learn about essential oils. Can you say more about how you used the oils and which ones you used?

Unknown said...

Thank you for enlightenment about essential oils. Now I know what to buy in drug stores. I’ll buy the stress away.

Unknown said...

Wow thank you for sharing this :) I also use different oils for my beauty regimen :D Good job

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