Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back Again...With Double The Creativity!

Nearly two years ago, I stepped off of a plane and saw my family for the first time after a year and a half of living in the Amazon Jungle. What an incredible feeling that was!

Yes, I am the daughter my mom mentioned in her last post. The one that was really sick.  Just less than one year after returning home, I married my sweet husband and became Mrs. Peacock. What an incredible journey I have been on since my mom started this blog so many years ago!

It's funny to think that just six years ago I was modeling shorts for this blog.  And, I can't be sure that I didn't throw a teenage tantrum before the pictures were taken!  That's the thing with my mom and I--we've always been different, but not necessarily the normal mother-daughter different.

You see, in this case my mom is the modern, trendy one.  She's the cool, tech-savvy teacher at every school she's worked at. She loves girls nights and chick flicks. She always dresses like a model and is always the first to discover the latest trends.

I, on the other hand, am the old-fashioned one.  I love camping, playing sports, sewing, and baking anything from scratch.

I think it was our differences that inspired me to start this blog back up again, this time with myself on board as more than a pouty girl in a pair of denim shorts. I've thought a lot about starting my own blog to post my recipes and "wifey" things.  Paisley Passions seemed like the perfect place to get started and, with summer on the way, hopefully my mom will be able to post more from her endless vault of incredible ideas.

We can't make any promises about where this will go, but we're excited to work on this project together and create ideas worth sharing!


Lucy Green said...

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Mia Lau said...

Thank you for sharing this! I just came across your blog and its incredible to read a little bit about your mission stories and your journey. My sister and I started a healthy food blog - - to create classic, ethnic healthy recipes for those with food allergies. It honestly all started because of our missions. My twin served at temple square and she got really sick. She had to come home early last year and tried natural medicines and oils. I served at the same time at the Hill Cumorah Visitor Centre in New York, and suffered from insomnia and food allergies. Its amazing how much naturopathy, homeopathy, essential oils help with healing! We've been on a journey of healthy eating and living after the 18 months :) Congratulations on getting married! The pictures are gorgeous!!! :)
Zoe and Mia Lau (from HK)

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