Sunday, May 18, 2014

That was a LONG break! Time to start again :)

HELLO!!!  Is anybody still out there???

Hey, remember back in the good old days when I actually put stuff on my blog and shared it? Remember when I had great bloggy friends who I got to know through my blog and theirs? Remember when I started teaching and I posted that I was taking a break?

Who knew that three full years would go by before I would come back? When I first took my bloggy break, I expected to be back to blogging after my first year of teaching.  Um, yeah.  That obviously did NOT happen :)

Let me just tell you, first of all, I AM SO EXCITED to start blogging again, and second of all, WOW, teaching is not for the faint of heart! Haha! I had NO idea when I began my teaching journey three years ago that it would consume every ounce of my life: creatively, mentally, and physically!

After getting three years under my belt, I feel like I am ready to come back to my blog and start over again. Just an FYI, I didn't COMPLETELY leave the blogging world, I have been busy blogging on my class blog for my students the past three years. My blogging expertise sure has come in handy for my job. Curious about my class blog? Feel free to hop over and check it out: Mrs. Simonson's Class

This summer I am planning to tackle a bunch of home improvement projects and I cannot wait to get started.  We have lived in our home for four years now.  Just an FYI, that is the absolute longest I have ever lived anywhere in my entire life!  Well, needless to say, it is time to start freshening up things around here.

I cannot wait to share my home improvement journey with you this summer and hope to sprinkle in a fun craft or two while I am at it.

Watch for changes to come while I freshen up the blog and get ready to dive into the blogging world again.

Oh, and if anyone is still out there, feel free to leave me a comment or two, or three and say hi!  It would be nice to know I still have some bloggy friends :)

Until next time,


Artsy VaVa said...

Welcome back!

Lori @ said...

Hooray! Someone is still out there! Thanks, I'm looking forward to getting started again :)